Character Design


Character Modeling

I wondered what would live on a mountain made of night. I started thinking about children who would go up the mountain and get lost in the woods. I started thinking about something that would draw them to itself, maybe using the voices of other lost children. I wondered why would a thing want children? Innocents that have their whole lives, their whole story, untold in front of them. I thought then that maybe this creature would drain the story, the soul from a child and inscribe it into books that it hordes in it's library. But why would it want their stories? Maybe she doesn't have her own. Maybe she is an amalgamation of things in the wood, birds and deer and all manner of other creature. Maybe she would lack a defined face because again, she has no identity of her own. But if she could have the childrens stories? Then all tales will be hers to tell, coveted by a thing with no story or soul of its own.


A turn table for Adelaide, a main character in the film, Moment of Tooth.

I was responsible for the look dev, shader development and texture painting for this character. Adobe Photoshop and Zbrush were the main tools that I used, as well as Maya 2012 for the shader creation. 




Magnus Furur, or the Maw of Madness, a creature model created in Zbrush.